1. What is the Diamond Touch Luxury hair smoothing and straightening treatment?

Diamond Touch Luxury treatment perfectly smoothes, straightens, nourishes and regenerates hair. The treatment is suitable for all hair types, including light-colored blond.

2. How to perform the Diamond Touch Luxury treatment.

3. Does the Diamond Touch Luxury treatment affect the color of my hair?

The treatment itself has no effect on the hair color. However, remember to keep a 2-week interval between hair straightening and coloring or lightening.

4. What is the efficiency of Diamond Touch Luxury?

Diamond Keratin is very efficient due to its gel structure. The average application of the product is 40-50ml per treatment.

5. Is the product suitable for pregnant women and children ?

Keratin treatments are not recommended for pregnant women or children under 16.

6. How should I look after my hair after the treatment?

In order to maintain the effect of the treatment as long as possible, you should use the Diamond Touch Luxury series shampoo and conditioner for daily care.

7. How long after treatment can I wash my hair?

Hair should be washed 48-72h after the treatment.

8. What is unique about the diamond keratin?

Diamond Keratin contains diamond dust, which maintains a maximum effect of the treatment and gives the hair a brilliant glow. In addition, keratin contains a special, patented hair protection technology, which prolongs the effect. The technology protects the hair against mechanical damage, brittleness and abrasion. The diamond keratin has a gel consistency, thanks to which it perfectly combines with hair, especially useful with blond and light hair.

9. How long does the effect last?

The effect lasts for 4-6 months, depending on the proper hair care after the treatment. Using Diamond Touch Luxury hair care products is recommended.