The Diamond Touch Luxury brand was created for the most demanding clients. Many years of work have allowed us to manufacture a very technologically advanced product that has several patented technologies.

We may boldly say that we have the most prestigious keratin in the world in our offer – having genuine flecks of diamonds. Diamond Keratin the highest quality product is characterized by:

- diamond dust, which fully strengthens the effect of the treatment, gives luminosity and brilliance to the hair (the diamond reflects the light at different angles!)

- the only keratin on the market, which contains patented hair protection technology, having a long-lasting effect after the treatment (protection against brittleness and abrasion of the hair cuticle)

- gel consistency, which perfectly combines with hair, especially with blond and bleached hair

- ideal for all hair types

- extreme efficiency

The Diamond Touch Luxury line complements top-quality home care products.

Our traits are Innovation, Quality, Prestige.

Come and join the industry Professionals!

Diamond Touch Luxury